General Conditions


Terms and conditions

1. General.

By signing the booking form the hirer acknowledges to have taken note of
these general conditions and fully accepts said conditions. Any general conditions of the hirer are hereby expressly excluded.

He also acknowledges to have taken note of the rents charged by ‘Moulinage Chez Soie’, of which he has previously been informed.

2. Reservation.

The hirer may make a reservation in writing, by email, fax or internet. Telephone reservations should always be confirmed in writing, by email, fax or internet.. These reservations are final binding. If canceled for any reason whatsoever cancellation fees will apply.

3. Lease & payment.

3.1. Immediately following receipt by ‘Moulinage Chez Soie’ of the reservation the hirer will receive a written confirmation and an invoice serving 10% of of the full rent. This is payable within ten days .

3 .2. No later than 12 weeks before the commencement of the rental period the hirer will pay an additional 60% of the amount due for the stay . The remaining amount of 30% is to be paid 3 weeks before the commencement date of the rental period.

3.3. For reservations that are placed within six weeks before the commencement of the rental period, the full amount of the rent is to be paid immediately.

4. Travel and accommodation information.

4.1. After payment of the total lease the hirer receives the necessary information regarding the exact location of ‘Moulinage Chez Soie, the route with complete travel directions etc.

4.2. The booking is for the number of persons stated by the hirer on the booking form. This number may not be increased.

5. Cancellation by the hirer.

5.1. Cancellations must always be confirmed by registered letter. Immediately after receiving this registered letter `Moulinage Chez Soie ‘ will send a cancellation confirmation ,also by registered letter.

5.2. In case of cancellation by the hirer following penalties must be paid:

- Cancellation more than 8 weeks before the start of the rental period: 40% of of the full rent.

- Cancellation between 8 and 4 weeks before the start of the rental period: 75% of the of the full rent.

- Cancellation within four weeks before the commencement of the rental period: of the full rent sum is to be paid.

5.3. Hirers who have booked have not been heard of since: the full rent sum is to be paid.

5.4 Insurance premiums paid for by the hirer can never be recovered from ‘Moulinage Chez Soie ‘

6. Cancellation by the landlord.

6.1. If the hirer does not comply with the agreed payment or fails to comply
to the expressly agreed rental conditions , ‘Moulinage Chez Soie’ is entitled
to consider the contract as repudiated. In these cases the hirer the full rent. ,

6.2. Circumstances beyond our control (act of God clause; disasters/ force majeure)

In case of so called ‘circumstances beyond our control’ (fire, strike, natural disaster, water and / or electricity failures, war, etc.) ‘Moulinage Chez Soie’ is entitled to terminate the agreement without paying any compensation. In this case, ‘Moulinage Chez Soie’ will seek the hirer an alternative. If this can not be found or if the
hirer does not accept the offered alternative, the unused rental fees will not be refunded.

6.3. Each hirer is advised to obtain a travel and cancellation insurance.

7. Liability.

7.1. The renter is fully liable for any damage he causes on the property, the pool or any installation on the premises would cause. Each claim will need to be compensated.

7.2. ‘Moulinage Chez Soie’can in no case be held responsible for any accident of which a hirer was the victim during his stay.

7.3. The hirer must take into account the fact that ‘Moulinage Chez Soie’is located on the French countryside and therefore he should take into account the presence of wild birds, insects etc. Also in this regard ‘Moulinage Chez Soie’ accepts no responsibility.

7.4. Parents should monitor their children when they are in the swimming pool or in the river or in the immediate vicinity thereof.

8. Complaints.

Complaints must be reported and dealt with during period of the stay.
An early departure without prior consultation in order to reach an agreement, releases
‘Moulinage Chez Soie’ of any responsibility.

9. Disputes.

If a dispute leads to a lawsuit, ‘Moulinage Chez Soie ‘ has the choice to conduct the case in the court with territorial jurisdiction over the place of location of the holiday property, or in the court with territorial jurisdiction over the place of residence of the hirer .

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