Linen and towels:

There is a possibility of renting sheets and towels. Braids and pillows are in the gîtes.


In Saint Sauveur de Montagut (9 km) you will find: a CA bank with box office, 2 bakers, 2 butcher’s shops, 2 supermarkets, 1 press, 2 pizzerias, 2 café’s and 3 restaurants.


Internet connection is available.


Animals are not allowed.

Septic Tank:

We are pleased to announce that a brand new water purification system with reed bed sewage treatment has been recently installed in the Moulinage. This system is a very environmental friendly and effective solution, however some points have to be taken into account:

The system has a low tolerance for chloride and antibiotics, disinfectant products (Dettol) and other various chemicals, they will interfere with the normal operation of the system. Please avoid using these products.

We also urge our clients to use only bio-degradeable shampoos, washing products, etc.

Also it is important to remove any excessive grease from frying pans, pots and other items that may contain grease prior to washing them.
Please stay alert on what disappears down the drain (no cardboard from toilet paper, plastics, hygienic bandages, tampons, etc.).

Bio-degradeable shampoos, washing powders, etc. can be purchased from “Moulinage Chez Soie” if necessary.